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Aromatherapy Clinic Affiliate Program FAQs

Affiliate marketing applications are now open at

The official Aromatherapy Clinic Affiliate program has launched! You can now be rewarded for sharing your love of Aromatherapy Clinic’s range of natural remedies and skincare with your family and friends.

General Affiliate Program Questions

  • What are the benefits of joining the Aromatherapy Clinic affiliate program? You will receive 15% commission on all purchases made through your personal affiliate link. The funds will be paid directly to your Paypal account once your minimum commission amount reaches above $20.
  • How do I register? Follow this link to register as an affiliate. Note: you must have a WordPress account to register. Once your affiliate registration is approved, sign in to accept the terms and conditions. Then you will be able to access the affiliate dashboard.
  • Are there any fees to join the Aromatherapy Clinic affiliate program? Need to purchase? No, there are no fees to join the affiliate program. You don’t need to purchase a product to register as an affiliate.
  • What types of products/services does Aromatherapy Clinic sell? Pure essential oils, original essential oil blends and all-natural skincare.
  • Who is your target audience? Anyone who is interested in aromatherapy and essential oils as an alternative medicine, people who put their health first and those who are looking for natural health solutions.
  • Do I need a website to be an affiliate? No, you can promote your affiliate link on your social media pages and other pages where links can be shared.

Promotional Materials and Tracking

  • What kind of promotional materials do you provide? We provide you with referral links to use in your online promotions.
  • How will sales be tracked? Cookies will be used to track clicks from your personal affiliate links and purchases made through your links. Cookie length is currently set to 30 days.
  • Is there a minimum amount of traffic required to join? No, there are no minimum requirements to register as an affiliate for Aromatherapy Clinic.

Payment Questions

  • What is the commission rate? 15% commission of each sale made.
  • How often do you pay affiliates? You will be paid once your commission total reaches $20.
  • What is the minimum payout threshold? $20.
  • How are the payments made? All payments will be sent to your personal Paypal account.

Program Policies

  • Are there any prohibited promotional methods? False claims and promotions that do not abide by local laws regarding essential oils and aromatherapy are prohibited.
  • Is there a review process for affiliate applications? Yes, once you apply to become an affiliate your application will be manually reviewed for approval. After your application is approved you must sign in and accept the Affiliate Terms and Conditions to access your affiliate dashboard.

Additional Considerations

  • Do you offer any affiliate marketing training or resources? We do not provide specific training for affiliate marketing. All of your affiliate resources can be accessed in your affiliate dashboard.
  • Is there a dedicated affiliate manager I can contact for support? Please email for all support enquiries.

Interested in registering for the Aromatherapy Clinic affiliate program? Click here!