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Don’t Kill, Repel

Spray bottle of natural mosquito repellent by Aromatherapy Clinic

Have you been searching for a natural and effective way to prevent biting insects from landing on you?

Essential oils are the found inside the cells of plants and are used by the plant for protection against pests and also to attract pollinators. You can consider essential oils to be part of the immune system of plants.

Aromatherapy Clinic has designed our Mosquito Repellent to prevent most blood-sucking insects from landing on you. We aim to deter the pests rather than disrupt the natural ecosystem.

Our Aromatharapy Clinic Mosquito Repellent has a subtle woody and earthy scent which quickly disperses, leaving you with an invisible shield of protection against biting insects.

The natural essential oils in our Mosquito Repellent protects against mosquitoes, sand flies and other biting insects. We have tested it during the Australian Summer and found that it does prevent blood-sucking insects from biting by stopping them from landing on you altogether.

To use: Shake the bottle well to disperse the essential oils then spray our Mosquito Repellent into the air above your head, creating a mist that lands on your exposed skin and clothing. This creates a shield, stopping the insects from landing onto you or your clothes.

Harmful toxic pesticides can not only affect our human health, but they can also kill pollinating insects that are crucial for the health of the plants in our environment. It’s important to be aware of the environmental impact of the products we use as they can have long-term negative effects on the world around us.

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