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Snoring or Sleep Apnea Keeping You Awake?

Order our Anti-Snoring Blend today and embark on your journey to restful, snore-free nights. Say goodbye to snoring, and achieve the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve.

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Anti Snoring Blend

If you or your loved ones have been battling restless nights due to snoring, you’re not alone. We understand the importance of restful sleep, and our Anti-Snoring Blend is designed to help you reclaim those peaceful, uninterrupted nights you’ve been longing for.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is linked to the relaxation of muscles in the throat, leading to the narrowing of air passages. The resulting vibration of these tissues creates the familiar, disruptive sound we all recognize. While snoring is a common issue, it can significantly impact not just your sleep but also your overall health and well-being.

The Power of Anti-Snoring Blend

Our Anti-Snoring Blend is a natural and holistic approach to tackling snoring. We’ve crafted this blend from 100% pure and natural therapeutic-grade essential oils. By using our blend, you can:

Open Air Passages: The carefully selected essential oils work on the throat muscles and promote airway expansion, reducing the vibrations that cause snoring.

Improve Sleep Quality: Say goodbye to disrupted sleep patterns and hello to more restful nights. Our blend helps you and your loved ones enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Enhance Well-Being: Quality sleep is essential for a healthy life. By addressing snoring naturally, our blend contributes to your overall well-being.

Unwind and Breathe Easy: The Anti-Snoring Blend creates a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, promoting relaxation and helping you and your partner find the peace you both deserve.

Your Path to Tranquil Nights Begins Here

Don’t let snoring come between you and the rejuvenating sleep you need. Experience the power of our Anti-Snoring Blend and discover the joy of waking up refreshed and revitalized.

Product Specifications:


10 mL


A blend of undiluted essential oils

To Use

Massage into skin behind your ears and on the front of your neck every night before bed

How to use Anti Snoring Blend
How to use Anti Snoring Blend
How fast does Anti Snoring Blend work

Customer Testimonials

You won’t regret it

This is the first time I have written a testimonial for a product but feel compelled to do so following the success I experienced since trying your anti-snoring lotion. After trying countless “remedies” with no success, silence has finally returned to my sleeping – and after only one night! I have now been using you anti-snoring lotion for 6 months and have no hesitation in expounding its virtues to all and sundry. Try it – you won’t regret it!

Carol – NSW – Australia


Married for 30+ years with a snoring husband we had tried many remedies and he was cynical when I came home with “more snake oil”. He gave it a try and is a convert. I had the best night’s sleep for years and his comment is that he is amazed. It worked better as the residual effect kicked in and he is now a great advertiser of your product. Am now considering some of your other products and recommend you strongly to family and friends. Thank you.

Jill – NSW – Australia

Absolutely Fantastic

I bought the relaxation blend for myself and the anti snoring blend for my husband. I was suffering from anxiety attacks and since I have been using this blend for me, my anxiety has gone completely. My husband was sceptical about the anti snoring blend, but since using it, from day one, his snoring has pretty much ceased. He had been going to the GP (and using a prescription nosespray – with no effect) and was due to go to a specialist for further treatment. But there is no need. Absolutely fantastic – will highly recommend it to our friends. Thankyou

Cathy – WA – Australia

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How does the Anti Snoring Blend work?

The essential oils within the blend work together to prevent the muscle at the back of the throat from relaxing when you fall asleep. It is the vibration of this relaxed muscle during sleep that causes the sound of snoring and it can also block the airway, causing sleep apnea. Note that the Anti Snoring Blend cannot effectively work to prevent snoring if you have consumed alcohol before bed.

How do I use it?

Before bed, apply 2-3 drops behind each ear and to the front of your neck then massage well into the skin. Continue to massage the oil until it is well absorbed into your skin. The oils used in this blend are safe for direct application to the skin.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all of our orders from South Western Sydney, Australia. We ship to any location worldwide.

Can I return an item free of charge?

Yes! We offer a refund on any of our original therapeutic blends returned to us within 30 days of the delivery date, including any delivery costs. To request a return, contact us with your product receipt.

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