Cold and Flu Season Pack


Don’t pay AUD$101.45. NOW: AUD$89.95! Bundle and save with our cold and flu pack. This pack contains a full sized bottle of Immune Booster, Respiratory Blend and Sinus Clearing Blend.

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Bundle and save! A selection of three of our therapeutic aromatherapy blends that will help to get you through every cold and flu season.

Reach for these oils the moment you feel a sore throat coming along. If you’re already sick with a respiratory infection, use these oils at least twice a day for relief from the illness. To prevent illness, apply Immune Booster once or twice a week before flu season begins.


  • Immune Booster – To prevent illness or reduce severity of an infection massage this oil into the skin of your feet.
  • Respiratory Blend – To soothe a chesty cough and clear lower respiratory tract congestion massage onto the skin of your chest and neck.
  • Sinus Clearing Blend – Instantly clear a blocked nose with all natural ingredients, simply inhale directly from the bottle or apply to the skin on your chest and the front of your neck.

Each bottle contains 10 mL of essential oils blended by our aromatherapist, ready for application.

As with any essential oil blend, test on a small patch of skin before use. If a skin reaction appears, dilute in a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba or coconut oil.

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Weight 135 g


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