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How To Extend The Shelf Life of Essential Oils

Essential oils that are properly stored have a very long shelf life, however, if they are not stored properly they can oxidise and lose their healing properties.

UV radiation, light, heat and oxygen can affect the integrity of your essential oils.

Have you ever wondered why essential oils are stored in glass bottles that are either amber or cobalt in colour? These colours help to block certain wavelengths of light and UV rays to protect the essential oils inside.

If your essential oils have changed in scent and/or appearance this is a sign that the essential oil has degraded and may not perform the same as when it was fresh.

Storage tips:

Minimise the amount of time your oils are exposed to bright light: Keep your essential oils stored in a cool dark place such as a drawer or cupboard.

Reduce the amount of time the oil is exposed to oxygen to prevent oxidation: Recap the lid of the bottle as soon as possible.

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