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Harness the Properties of Essential Oils

There are different grades of essential oils. Some are cosmetic grade or synthetic which are used for their perfume, are cheaper and do not have any healing properties.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are extracted from plants and are not necessarily used for their aroma or scent but for their healing properties and beneficial effect on the human body. Each essential oil has its own different set of properties. We harness these unique properties in our original Therapeutic Blends, created by our in-house aromatherapist right here at the Aromatherapy Clinic.

Immune Booster bottle and box

The properties of essential oils vary between each oil and can range from calming and warming to analgesic (pain relieving), anti-inflammatory and even immune boosting. Or you can add certain essential oils to your homemade cleaning products for all natural anti-microbial action.

Whether you’re looking to soothe sore muscles, increase joint mobility or boost your immune system Aromatherapy Clinic has the blend for you. Try any of our Therapeutic Blends risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

Muscle Pain Remedy product bottle and box

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