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Simple Ways To Add Aromatherapy To Your Life

There are some easy ways to include essential oils in your regular routine. Essential oils can be used alone or blended together in the same bottle. You can harness their anti-microbial properties while cleaning, drip a few drops of a relaxing or energising blend in your shower or bath or diffuse oils in a burner to obtain the benefits of aromatherapy. Don’t forget to dilute your pure essential oils before applying to skin (especially if you have sensitive skin), and also remember that essential oils are recommended for external use only. That means you only need to use them outside of the body to reap the benefits!

Tip for storing essential oils: To prevent essential oils from losing their properties, ie. “going off”, it’s best to store them in a dark bottle so that it’s protected from light, in a cool area away from heat and keep them undiluted if possible. There are some carrier oils that can make oils go off quickly due to their chemical properties, so if your oils aren’t already pre-mixed by an aromatherapist, keep them undiluted until you’re ready to use them.

Cleaning With Essential Oils

Bacteria and fungi are microbes so the terms “anti-bacterial” and “anti-fungal” = anti-microbial. There are many scientific studies that have listed various anti-microbial essential oils and the microbes they inhibit.

If you’re like me and you like to make your own natural all-purpose cleaner at home, consider adding a few drops of an essential oil with a refreshing scent such as lemon myrtle, or tea tree to your recipe. Make sure to adjust the number of drops you add to the mixture so that you use about 10-20 drops per 2-3 cups of cleaning solution.

Relaxation Aromatherapy

Some essential oils have specific properties you can use to promote relaxation and reduce insomnia. You may have heard of lavender but this popular oil has both relaxing and energising properties. Another familiar soothing oil with sedative properties is chamomile which is made from the flowers of the chamomile plant. Blend a few different essential oils together with similar properties and discover your new favourite way to relax.

How to use: You can inhale the essential oils directly from the bottle right before you go to bed, or add a few drops to your diffuser, bath or shower in the evening. Some people will dilute the relaxing essential oils 1:1 in a carrier oil and apply them to the skin, this provides a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Waking Up With Essential Oils

Some super nifty alarm clocks include a small heating pad to diffuse aromatherapy to wake you up gently.

There are some essential oils with energising properties that you can use to wake you up in the morning and prepare your mind for a really great day.

How to use: Inhale directly from the bottle or drip a few drops in your shower, just outside where the water flows, and the steam will diffuse the aromatherapy around the room.

Boost Your Immune System

Ever wondered why Jesus was given frankincense and myrrh as a gift at his birth? There are quite a few published studies that explore the interactions between the human immune system and different essential oils. Frankincense has a direct effect on regulation of white blood cell counts while myrrh is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and improves digestion. We have designed an Immune Booster blend of essential oils that work together to protect your immune system from hay fever symptoms, colds and influenza.

How to use: Inhalation from the bottle is very effective as the essential oil scent molecules will enter your upper respiratory tract and into your body. You can also choose to apply diluted oils to your skin and massage them well so that they are properly absorbed into the system.

Using Essential Oils With Intention

Mindfulness is the act of remaining focused on the present moment. Using aromatherapy to remain focused can be a powerful technique, and choosing the right essential oils for your intentions can enhance even the most simple and routine tasks. Some people like to focus on a personal mantra while inhaling a special blend of oils, this act of intention can be a powerful way to solidify a personal mantra within yourself.

The human brain and our sense of smell have a powerful link that is close to the memory and emotional parts of the brain. Strong memories and emotions can be attached to a simple scent, like citrus or vanilla, or a bouquet of scents blended together, like the spices in a chai latte or a cinnamon and apple pie. So you can harness this power of scent in your own way, even as simple as creating a “vibe” or emotional feeling within a room or workspace with aromatherapy can totally transform how you interact in that space.

Aromatherapy can be very powerful but simple to incorporate into your life.

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