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Reduce Insomnia: Fall In Love With Falling Asleep

Do you love to sleep, but hate falling asleep? Do you dread lying in the dark with your own thoughts, not knowing how long you’ll be there waiting to sleep?

These thoughts can actually cause insomnia. What you want to do instead is create a bedtime experience that will become a habit. A healthy bedtime routine.

What NOT To Include In Your Bedtime Routine:

Blue Light – Your circadian rhythm is controlled in-part by the wavelength of light in the blue part of the spectrum of light. Screens such as your TV, laptop and mobile phone emit blue light. Some of these devices have an option or app to filter out blue light, which will prevent the screens from waking up your brain while you wind down before bed.

Caffeine and Alcohol – Both caffeine and alcohol are drugs that have different effects on your sleep cycle. Caffeine is a stimulant drug which acts to prevent you from falling asleep. The effects of caffeine can remain the system for 7-10 hours after consumption, which is why many people choose not to drink caffeine after 10 am. Alcohol can both cause insomnia by affecting your circadian rhythm, causing a jet-lag type of feeling and also reduce your sleep quality by exacerbating sleep apnoea symptoms and snoring.

What To Include In Your Bedtime Routine:

A Relaxing Atmosphere – no screens, nothing that will remind you of work. You might prefer to have dim or no lighting, to allow your eyes to rest. Low light levels in the evening also helps to regulate your circadian rhythm.

Cool Down – When your core body temperature decreases by a few degrees, this is a signal to your brain that it’s time to fall asleep.

Meditation – Some people find that meditation can help to slow your heart rate and your breathing, which signals your body to rest and relax.

Journaling – write down your thoughts and feelings so that they stop swirling around in your mind while you try to sleep.

Aromatherapy – Reduce anxiety and wind down before bed with Aromatherapy Clinic Relaxing Blend. Include a few drops of essential oil to your bath or shower before bed for a truly elevated bedtime routine.

Reduce or eliminate snoring with our Aromatherapy Clinic Anti Snoring Blend!

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Aromatherapy Clinic Founder’s Story

The founder of Aromatherapy Clinic, John, created the company after discovering a remedy for his own snoring problem…

Rewind back to the early 2000’s when John had dreams of becoming a professional massage therapist. He had enrolled in a tertiary education course in massage. This course also included a module on aromatherapy and essential oils. Soon after discovering the world of essential oils, John began researching the properties of different essential oils and noted the use of essential oils throughout the Old and New Testament of the Christian Bible.

One morning, after a night of mixing different essential oils together, John’s wife told him that he didn’t snore the night before. John’s wife, Marisa, is a light sleeper and her sleep is regularly impacted by John’s very loud snoring.

John went back to the oils he was mixing together and tested proportions of the different ingredients, both on himself and also on friends and family. About 90-95% of people who tried the final blend have experienced a reduction in their snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms. This blend has become the Anti Snoring Blend.

Did you know? Snoring and sleep apnoea reduces sleep quality because you continually wake yourself up during the night, preventing deep and restful sleep. The deeper stages of sleep are for your body to repair and grow. People who snore or have sleep apnoea often wake up feeling like they haven’t had enough sleep, leading to increased irritability during the day, inability to focus on work and lower quality of life.

The Anti Snoring Blend has helped countless people improve their sleep quality and their partner’s sleep quality too!

You can find your Aromatherapy Clinic therapeutic blends, all created by our aromatherapist John, at our online store or shop directly from eBay Australia.

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Elevate Your Bath & Shower Experience With Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be used in the bath or shower to bring Aromatherapy into your regular routine and elevate your bath and shower experience.

Choose your preferred essential oils

Select undiluted essential oils as these will diffuse the aromatherapy more effectively throughout the room. If using essential oils on the skin, it is recommended to dilute the oil 1:1 in a carrier oil such as olive or jojoba oil.

Choose essential oils that have relaxing properties such as our Relaxing Blend. Or you can use aromatherapy to wake you up before you start your day, for example, our Energising Blend is perfect for a morning shower.

Shower method: Apply your chosen oils to the outside edges of your shower, outside the area where the water is flowing. Heat and steam will allow the scents to disperse through the air.

Bath method: Add oil directly to the bath water and swirl to mix. Essential oils will not dissolve in water because oil and water are unable to mix due to their molecular structures. If you have sensitive skin, it is important to dilute the essential oils before adding them to the bath, just in case they come into contact with your skin.

Most essential oils also have been shown to have antimicrobial properties, so they are perfect for use in the bath and shower to keep you healthy.

Aromatherapy has many applications! For a taste of what is possible with aromatherapy, have a look at all of our unique therapeutic blends as natural remedies at our online store.

Aromatherapy Clinic range of original essential oil blends in product boxes
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Secret Benefits of Using Anti Snoring Blend

Aromatherapy Clinic’s in-house aromatherapist designed the Anti Snoring Blend using the properties of a specific set of essential oils. Together, they help to reduce the symptoms of snoring by preventing relaxation, and therefore, vibration of the muscle in the back of your throat while you sleep. Without Anti Snoring Blend, your throat muscles will relax and vibrate as soon as you drift off to sleep, which creates the familiar snoring sound.

The additional benefits of using Anti Snoring Blend:

Purchase your bottle of Anti Snoring Blend and view our entire product range at our online store.

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What Do The Aromatherapy Clinic Blends Smell Like?

If you’re shopping online it’s not easy to have the full idea of the product before it reaches your hands. This article is to help you experience the Aromatherapy Clinic blends while you browse through our range of healing essential oils. All of our therapeutic aromatherapy blends have a specific proportion of each ingredient to target the specified ailment, so they were designed to treat and heal you, not to be a perfume with a scent profile. But if you would like to know what the blends do smell like, please read on…


The Anti Snoring Blend smells sweet and floral with woody-musky notes from the cistus essential oil. There are sweet top notes of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. The citrus oils used in this blend come through in the middle notes of the aroma.


Our Eczema Blend mainly smells like chamomile, soothing and calm. The floral notes of geranium and patchouli are also present in the middle and base notes.


The top notes of Energising Blend are citrus and thyme followed by middle notes of peppermint. Then the base notes of warming black pepper follow through.


Immune Booster bottle and box

Our Immune Booster smells medicinal. The scent is mainly woody and spicy from the cinnamon with gentle floral notes from the frankincense and myrrh.


Joint Blend bottle and box

The Joint Blend initially smells medicinal, then the warming and spicy notes of clove, cinnamon and black pepper come through to soothe and comfort you.


Monthly Comfort bottle and box

Monthly Comfort Blend mainly contains spikenard which is a ancient oil used for its medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The use of spikenard has been documented throughout history across India and Europe.


Muscle Pain Remedy product bottle and box

Our Muscle Pain Remedy blend smells herby and minty at first the follows with warming spices. It feels calming and soothing.


Relaxing Blend smells sweet and floral due to the main oils lavender and ylang ylang. The base notes of bergamot gives a rich floral feel after the top notes have faded and cedarwood rounds out the scent.


Respiratory Blend Box

Our Respiratory Blend hits you in the nose with eucalyptus and tea tree, then lures you in with the spearmint and peppermint middle notes. It’s very refreshing.


Sinus Clearing Blend bottle and box

The Sinus Clearing Blend begins with spearmint top notes then you detect the eucalyptus in the middle notes. Finally, the base notes are predominately herbaceous rosemary and then gentle lemon citrus at the end.


The undiluted bottle smells slightly different compared with the spray bottle due to the solubiliser in the mixture. Oils don’t mix with water so the solubiliser allows the product to be sprayed into a mist. The undiluted bottle has top notes of citrus with minty middle notes and woody base notes. I think this blend of oils could also work well as a deodorant as these oils prevent the body odour-causing bacteria to survive on your skin. Remember, before applying to sensitive armpits, the undiluted oil should be diluted 50/50 in a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil.

Visit our website to view the entire product catalogue.